Check out some highlights from Lucia's last solo show... 

Watch Lucia record a virtuosic solo for the League of Legends soundtrack in this fantastic documentary - "Frequencies - The Music of League of Legends". (Find her around the 28 minute mark!)


Lucia guest-stars in Episode 10 of "Manhattan" (WGN), playing Annie Liao, the wife of an accused spy. Set in 1943 at the time of the Manhattan Project, the critically acclaimed series follows a sequestered group of physicists in Los Alamos racing to develop the first atomic bombs during World War II. 

Lucia attended the 2014 Emmy Awards in support of HBO's "Treme", nominated for Best Miniseries and Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries. 

Lucia was featured on the cover of Strings Magazine! Click above to read the article. 



"Emmys: Love for the Longest of Shots" - A lovely article by Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter. Click above to read.